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Competition to obtain grants is very intense in many health fields. Because the Foundation offers eye disease researchers an independent and exclusive source of financing, it provides a very essential service. The fields of research currently supported by the Foundation include eye cancer, glaucoma, corneal disease and transplants, diabetes-related visual disorders, strabismus, and macular and inflammatory disorders.

Many surgeries are today less intrusive, which allow patients to have an easier and faster recovery. Moreover, some blind patients had their vision restored thanks to the recent development of new eye prosthesis. Finally, other long-term research works aim to produce artificial cornea and transplant them to humans. This will shorten the waiting period for a graft which is for now only possible following a decease.

Population of the province of Quebec is ageing and it raises challenges for healthcares. Regarding ocular diseases, more cases of age-related disorders are likely to appear, like age-related retina degeneration (see Eye Diseases section for more information), or diabetes-related retina conditions. Many research works are targeting these illnesses in order to better understand their development and risk factors. This will help finding treatments !